The tools listed here are open source and free. In some cases you can purchase a subscription for higher level functionality.

Information Management



Social Networking

It is important to note that nearly all Web 2.0 tools, because of their collaborative nature, have social networking capability. Some tools, however, have been developed specifically for social networking and connecting with other people either professionally or personally. There are literally thousands of social networks out there depending on your location, interest, and why you want to network. Here are just a few examples:


Videoconferencing comes in different forms depending on what type of infrastructure is available at school. Some schools have installed classroom interactive television equipment that enables the delivery of instruction between different schools and school districts in real time or that can be used for meetings and trainings with multiple sites and rooms of individuals. Desktop video conferencing between small numbers of individuals is also an option.

For some tips and resources on using Skype in education, take a look at this presentation.


There are a wide range of free sites that permit the sharing and downloading of photos, audio, and video clips.


Another thing students and teachers need to understand is the need to respect copyright restrictions and cite sources properly within their work. Creative Commons provides a resource toolkit of different licenses and tools that can help guide educators and students to materials that can be used publicly and also gives information on how to license their own work.

Great Web 2.0 Tools Site

No one can give you more help with Web 2.0 sites than your school library media specialist.
Many thanks to Laurie Conzemius, Pine Meadow Elementary, Sartell Public Schools for introducing me to Webtools4u2use. This is a great comprehensive site with links to dozens of Web 2.0 applications and tips on how to use them.

Laurie Coddington, Nicollet Junior High, Burnsville Public Schools set up a page to help teachers in her school with Web 2.0.

If you are looking for different ways to use Twitter with students, check out this presentation: 34 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom